Master Stylist / Master Colorist

Salon Boutique #28, Scottsdale, Arizona |  |  2016-present


Owner / Master Stylist / Master Colorist

Peaches Total Image Salon, Chesterfield, Michigan |  |  1989-2016


Director of Education / Sales Representative

Shark Fin Professional Shears, Centerville, Iowa |  |  2010-present


Platform Artist - Level III / Master Colorist & Cutter

Alfaparf Milano, Bologna, Italy |  |  2007-2012

Master Stylist  |  Master Colorist

Platform Artist



Kathleen believes that professional hair stylists are an integral part of the fashion industry. Born into a family of hair stylists, Kathleen has been involved in the beauty industry as a stylist, professional educator, platform artist, and salon owner for over 25 years. She has earned honors and awards throughout her career, including recognition as number one salon for color and hair in the Metro Detroit area.


Kathleen is convinced that continuously furthering one’s professional education is the key to success in the ever-changing fashion industry. She is in high demand and travels extensively throughout the United States to teach color, texture, and cutting. Bringing an unwavering passion, energy, and zeal to her craft, she is eager to give back to the industry that has given her so much. Kathleen’s personal and approachable teaching style focuses on empowering the student: “My goal is that EVERY student leaves my class with at least one bit of information that he or she can utilize in their salon.”


Kathleen currently resides in Arizona with her husband of 30 years.


Hair Services

$75 & up


$45 & up


$45 & up


$85 & up

* Haircuts include shampoo and blow dry

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Master Stylist

Master Colorist

Platform Artist